MEAN Stack Training Courses Chennai

MEAN Stack Training Chennai

The field of software development is vast and varied. An aspiring student, in the field of software development, must chose carefully what type of software he should specialize in. One of the areas of specialization, where good career opportunities exist is in MEAN Stack.

To build a web application, we have to use multiple technologies and tools, which deal with database manipulation, server operations, client site, displaying data received from the server etc. Therefore to embark on a new project, a lot of time will be consumed by the initial setup of necessary tools and project structure. To speed up this process, a developer can use a framework or stack for the task at hand.

An overview of the MEAN Stack

Different types of Big Data Analytics applications:

It basically consists of a full stack of the JavaScript platform and is used for modern web applications. The “MEAN” in MEAN Stack refers to both server and client side web developers and the Stack refers to the working platform, of which there are several components.

The first letter of the Stack’s components, MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS, form the acronym MEAN and hence it is known as the MEAN Stack. These four are the most popular technologies for JavaScript development and it is easy to use, when laying the foundations for complex web applications.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

Many technologies come and fall out of favour with developers, but MEAN Stack has become one of the favourite workhorses of the IT industry. What are the advantages of MEAN Stack?

  • Since it is a free and open source, JavaScript and is popular for building dynamic web sites and web applications. It is considered one of the best technologies for mobile app development. It reduces development costs.
  • Since the use of JavaScript is common throughout the project, it makes the code isomorphic. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages and it offers numerous advantages. Say we code for AngularJS and then find it is better placed in MongoDB, it can be transferred with ease. This makes MEAN based apps flexible while coding.
  • A developer does not need to know other languages such as PHP or be a front/back end specialist. A developer with JavaScript expertise can handle the entire project with ease, using the MEAN Stack.
  • The JSON format can be used to store documents since it is compatible with the MEAN components.
  • It is Cloud compatible and the Cloud functionalities with the MongoDB app makes it versatile. The apps can be developed, tested and maintained in the Cloud without the need of installing MongoDB. This saves a lot of disk space.
  • By using AngularJS, which is open source client side JavaScript framework, it is possible to power the front end of projects. It enables the whole system to be easily subjected to tests and is reusable.

With so many technological advantages, it is very popular with industries and there are many jobs to be had in leading IT industries. Once a developer attains the skills associated with MEAN Stack, the developer can single-handedly handle all steps of a project. It is important to get a sound knowledge about MEAN Stack.

One of the best MEAN Stack training courses in Chennai is offered by our Institute JPA Solutions. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff has put together the MEAN Stack training course in Chennai. The MEAN Stack training course in Chennai will help students to be exposed to both the theoretical and practical aspects of the MEAN Stack. Once they complete the MEAN Stack training course in Chennai, they will be so well trained; they can face any interview with confidence. This is the main reason our students of MEAN Stack training in Chennai have landed highly paid jobs in leading industries.

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