Online Training in Chennai

Online Training Chennai

With the world becoming a global village, IT job opportunities have opened up in every conceivable field. This is the correct time to become a software engineer. IT is an all encompassing name. It covers a wide array of fields and this is why choosing a suitable course, in a good academy is important.

We have been in the field of IT teaching for many years and have built up an enviable reputation as a leader in the field. It may be that you will not be able to attend regular classes in our Academy, but let that not deter you. We conduct online training in a wide variety of fields.

Some of the online technologies we offer online training are: PHP, Oracle, Mainframe, Web Design, Java, .NET, Data Warehousing, Software Testing, Terradata, Android, SharePoint, C & C++, PERL, Microsoft Bl, SEo etc. This is not the complete list and if what you are interested in is not mentioned, please contact us. We have many more online courses on offer. The timetable of online training is flexible so that you can choose a convenient slot.

Our institution, Hadoopera, believes in a complete online training course in chennai. Even though the training is online and not on a personal level, our experienced staff will ensure you get the best training and you will feel you are sitting in a classroom with the trainer. Once you complete the course, you will be fully equipped to get a good placement in the industry. As far as placements go, we will keep updating you on the job opportunities available.

Two of the most important aspects of online training are the Staff and the course content. Our Staff are highly experienced in the subjects they teach. In addition to theoretical knowledge, since they have exposure to industry, they will impart the needed practical skills. This all encompassing online training will ensure all students are fully equipped to take up any challenging role in an industry.

The course content of each and every field offered, has been carefully designed to enable a student to acquire knowledge in a scientific, step by step approach, till his knowledge level attains the high standards we have set. Our courses are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest industry trends.

Some of the advantages of taking Online Training in our Academy are:

  • You can update your IT skills from the comfort of your own home
  • Once you enroll, we will assign a User Name and Password, to enable you to participate in online training
  • We will regularly update you with industry trends and on job opportunities available
  • You can participate in a free demo session, conducted by our top staff. You need to sign up only if you are fully satisfied and convinced, which we are sure, you will be.
  • We will offer you free career counseling as a part of our online training course
  • Our staff have more than 5 years experience
  • As soon as you join, you can download the course material online
  • All our courses are scientifically designed to ensure our students have a flexible timetable and acquire the latest knowledge and skills available
  • Regular assessment sessions will be held to ensure students are on the correct learning curve
  • We mentor each and every one to our students to be a success

Please feel free to contact us at 8754415111 or mail us at We will get in touch with you. You are also welcome to drop in at our centre at velachery . Enroll and join the IT revolution today.

Cloudera & Horton works Certification Assistance

Duration: 80 Hours (along with Hands-on)

Mail us @ for complete course content.

Big Data

Every Saturday @ 10am in JPA Solutions by Real time Cloudera Certified Professionals. Only limited participants, So kindly confirm, If you are interested to join this session

For more details, Reach us @ 8754415111 / 044-45002120