Python Language Training Courses Chennai

Python Language Training Chennai

In the computer world, many languages have been created for specific purposes and Python was one such language created, since its inventor, Guido van Rossum wanted to overcome the problems he encountered with ABC language, specifically extensibility. He integrated all the good features of ABC and added other new, desirable features such as exception handling, extensibility etc.

Today, Python is a widely used language and has many spinoffs based on it. Python can interact with other languages by the use of modules. Since it is open source software, its use is free and it is constantly developing using the community development method.

Applications of Python

Python has a wide variety of applications in the computer field. Some of them are:

    Desktop applications, using Graphic User Interface, such as:

  • Graphic Design applications
  • Image processing
  • Scientific applications
  • Computational applications
  • Gaming

  • Web application and web frameworks

  • In enterprise business applications

  • Operating systems

  • For Language development

  • Prototyping

This wide variety of applications makes it a versatile language which is widely used in the computer field.

Advantages of using Python

Since its inventor, specifically combined features, to overcome shortcomings in other languages, Python has an edge over others. Some of the advantages of Python are:

  • Uses third party modules – Since it contains numerous third party modules it can interact with most other platforms and languages seamlessly.
  • Lot of Support Libraries – Since Python is open sourced and uses the community development model; it has a large standard library which covers areas such as: Internet protocols, string operations, OS interfaces, Web service tools etc. This reduces the coding to be scripted to a large extent.
  • Open Source Software – Since it is an OSI approved open source software, it is free to use and distribute, for both private and commercial purposes.
  • Community Development – Python is a language that is constantly evolving due to the community development method that it depends on. It has numerous modules, which have been created by community driven collaboration for coding, hosting conferences, mailing lists, discussion forums etc.
  • Learning Ease with Support – It is a very easy language to learn since it has a simple syntax structure which helps beginners to utilize Python from the early stages of learning itself. A set of rules and guidelines, PEP 8, is always available for reference for a beginner to format code. Since it has a wide community of developers, any doubts and queries can elicit a swift response.
  • It is User-friendly – Since it has developed a built in list and dictionary data structures, it can be used to construct fast runtime data structures.
  • Productivity/Speed – Since Python uses a clean object oriented design, it displays very good process control capabilities, strong integration and text processing capabilities etc. Since it has its own unit testing framework, it all adds up to increased speed/productivity.

With so many advantages inherent in Python, it has a growing band of loyalists who use it as the preferred choice for software development.

Python is one of the best programs for beginners in the computer field. Many large corporations use Python for their businesses. Python can be used as a stepping stone to learning other languages. Since this is one of the fundamental languages, an aspiring student in this field must have a sound knowledge of Python. This makes it important for a student to get good training in Python.

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