Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training Courses Chennai

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training Chennai

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is one of the critical tools of a software engineer’s “Future of Work” kit. To proceed further, one should have an idea of what is Robotic Process Automation and what function does it play?.

What is RPA?

It is a software or service which has the capability that allows interaction with any IT application or website, instead of human interaction. It allows for automation of complex, rule based work. RPA can be used by developers to automate a business’s rule based processes, even if it is complex.

Uses of RPA in business operations

Since RPA is a software based automation process, it can be used to maintain all records, calculations, transactions as well as queries. A wide variety of applications can be supported by RPA. Some such applications are: .NET, HTML, Citrix, Java etc. There are many compatible systems such as Mainframe Terminals, Oracle, Blackline, SAP etc. By using this automation, almost all rule based tasks can be configured to perform exactly as a human would interact with the system. This makes RPA a very versatile tool available for IT Managers.

Advantages of using RPA

Robotic Process Automation increases the efficiency and output of the business. Some of the Advantages of using RPA are:

  • Improvement in the quality and accuracy of service, leading to better customer experience
  • It can be used to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • An automated process can be completed at a tremendous speed, when compared to a manual process
  • Efficiency is increased since the system is digitized and process data can be easily audited to understand customer needs and market trends
  • It helps reduce overheads and makes the business more flexible in utilizing available resources.
  • It reduces manpower cost, since repetitive tasks can be completed in a fraction of a second by automation. Transaction costs are reduced significantly.
  • Employee efficiency is improved since mundane, repetitive tasks are eliminated. This will help retain employees.

It can be seen that RPA will increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs. It will make the organization highly cost competitive and at the same time improve customer experience.

Robotic Process Animation Tools

  • Blue Prism – It can automate any application over a wide variety of platforms
  • UiPath – It is very easy to use this tool for RPA
  • Automation Anywhere – it has IQ BOTS, that keep learning
  • Openspan – it creates a plug-in architecture to monitor applications

Where and for what can RPA be applied in an Organization?

It has a wide area of application in any rule based process. It can be used for automating office tasks, IT support, customer service etc. This makes it very advantageous for all business organization to implement. It has been used by a wide variety of industries such as banking, healthcare, consumer products, food and beverages, logistics, transportation, aviation etc.

Since businesses operate in a highly competitive atmosphere, keeping costs to the bare minimum will affect the bottom line of an organization’s balance sheet positively. This means the Management will be willing to invest in RPA as a business tool.

Scope for RPA trained Software Engineers?

Since RPA helps a business become lean, mean and more profitable, it is technology that will be readily accepted by the Management. A trained in-house RPA Software Engineer will be an asset to any organization. As more and more organizations are introduction RPA into their processes, there is tremendous scope for getting a good job in a leading company. However, to get a job, proper training is needed in this field. Robotic Process Automation training in Chennai is available at one of the best training institutes.

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